next concert i go to and im in the front im putting super glue on my hands so when the singer touches my hand they’ll be stuck to me and then they have no choice but to be my friend.

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does anyone else find it immensely comforting to have someone touching you? not like poking or tickling you or like sexually just feeling some other person being beside you and like your elbows or legs or something are touching and you’re like oh this person is alive too

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Title: Story Of My Life live for the first time
Artist: One Direction
Played: 399153 times

1D singing Story Of My Life live for the first time in Japan (2.11.2013) +

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i fucking love miley

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imagine how is touch the craic

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i wonder if anybody’s actually had feelings for me, like actually got upset or mad over little things i did and got jealous and confused over me and thought about me on a regular basis. i feel like i’m the only person that ever really cares about anyone and that nobody’s ever felt that way for me.

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we were in the computer lab for state testing and this was on the wall with no explanation i

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